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Its a perfectly normal question to ask, least on a cuckold website, so "Who" is the biggest cum eating cuckold? well studio Kick Ass Pictures and director Glenn Baren know the answer as they line up husbands to eat cum from their wives in an attempt to break the world record

Samantha Sin makes one hell of a bitch wife when she tells the husband that to help the town football team she's going to fuck them all and he can have the pleasure of watching, but worse as she like a tight fuck lick cum from her as each guy cum's inside her as she humiliates him and doesn't give a fuck about how humiliated he gets so long as he eats cum load after cum load from her

Samantha Sin makes a bitch wife that feeds him cum from her fingers and any cuckolded husband would love to have a bitch wife like Samantha Sin, great porn with full details below on this great world beating cum eating cucks

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Length of movie: 95 minutes

This video is about one thing alone thats males that harbour a desires to be humiliated by wives and features their dominant wives and don't give a fuck about being unfaithful as they will do it right in front of them and satisfy their need force them into Cum Eating Cuckolds

As you've probably gathered from looking at the screen shots i'm more than a fan of Samantha Sin as regular to Kick Ass is her husband role played by Les Moore as he try's to see who's the bigger cum eating cuckold and the Slut wife Samantha Sin takes on the local team and makes sure that Les is their to eat the creampies right out of her pussy and licking cum from her fingers

The second scene features Adrianna Nicole and also has a taste for black cock but its not her that gets to eat it but her weak husband and invites a load of guys back to her place and along with eating cum from her cunt also does some snowball trading with cum swapping between him and his wife as each guy cum's into his wife's mouth which she then spits into his!

Studio: Kick Ass Pictures
Stars: Adrianna Nicole, Samantha Sin
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