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Interested in the cuckold swingers scene? Do you have a hotwife that wants to fuck other males whilst you're watching? In that case you are a cuckold husband and here we offer some basic information on what the cuckold scene is about and offer direct contacts information if you want to meet up with others.

The activity of cuckold sex is a sub genre within the swingers scene and whilst swinging is still a relatively new term, where as before it was wife swapping or key parties, these days cuckoldry is classed as being within the swingers fetish genre.

Traditionally the cuckold, which in most cases is the husband, is one half of a marriage/relationship where the female partner is unfaithful with other males. In most cases now the cuckold husband will watch his wife or partner having sex with another males and in most cases it will only involve one other male, called a bull.

It is pretty clear that the cuckolded term has been brought back to the forefront due to the amount of swingers and adult contacts sites online, as more couples now have an outlet to find singe males or bulls, locate couples and if you are a voyeur husband and want to watch your wife with other males the swingers sites will offer you a great place to find males.

In the cuckoldry scene whilst the vast amount of contacts are about husbands fulfilling their voyeuristic tendencies either by choice or by being forced by a dominate wife, in some cases the husband can be asked to perform bisexual acts on the bull so when replying to cuckoldry personals adverts make sure you aware of the type of contact they are looking for.

To find out more why not click the contacts link to register a username and start reading what members are looking for or read about what other people are saying about their own cuckold experiences in either blog posting or cuckold stories.

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