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if your going to be be forced into eating cum from your wife if that women is Gaya Patal would you really say no to her! and with cover male Brian Pumper these cuckold porn stars take the theme of cum eating cuckolds to another level with this latest offering from them

Gaya Patal is one of those women that just loves to push her men as far as they can go and within the Kick Ass Pictures "cum eating cuckolds" she fits perfectly into the role of a bitch wife that wants to see her husband eating cum from her used pussy and if your a fan of seeing this bitch wife fuck you'll love these new video

As a fan of Gaya Patal this section is by far the best especially seeing her standing their with little hot pants on knowing to well the Brian Pumper is going to have the pleasure of fucking this horny wife but the question is will the husband lick the cum from her cunt?

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Length of movie: 107 minutes

As you can see from the above free screen shots Gaya Patal is hot hot little horny wife and whilst she fucking this black bull she really doesn't give a frig about her poor little while husband that walks in so much so the first thin she tells him to do is get between her legs and lick her wet as her black bull is so frigging hung she's having a hard time taking his massive dick

Once she's been wet she tells the cum eating hubby to go away and strip off and when he returns she's already taking one of a fucking and moving back she start sucking this black bulls cock off then kissing the husband she passes over some juices from his cock.

Its not long before he starts fucking her and pretty soon after blows his load deep into her leaving a creampie for the hubby to eat out and lick clean, but his cum eating doesn't stop their as the husband then wank's off into a box of chocolates and the wife makes him eat his own cum

Thats just the first scene, the other 2 are just as hot with husbands that are only too happy to lick cum from there's wives fucked cunts

Studio: Kick Ass Pictures
Stars: Gaya Patal, Leona Dulce, Judy Marie, Tyler Knight, Brian Pumper
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