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The theme of squirting wives in other words women that gush cum when they cum is something thats not explored that often within the cuckoldry genre but when Roman Video decide to make a gushing cuckold video they make sure they get the best and Flower Tucci not only plays the dominant wife well but gushes loads when she cums

Flower Tucci really does make the bitch wife from hell as she's locked her weak little mans cock away with balls that look like they are ready to explode they are so full of cum, but as she sits down on her hubbies face to tells him about his small cock and that he'll never get to fuck her

"Theirs only one man that gets to fuck me cunt" Flower tells her husband and if your lucky after I squirted my cum all over the place YOU may get to lick my pussy clean of my cum juices" she tells him

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Length of movie: 95 minutes

The theme of squirting wives is one thats been sadly lacking but Flower more than makes up for it in this video as she gets fucked hard by her bull and starts cumming quickly but its the weak cuckolded husband thats lying under her that gets all her love juices as they squirt all over his face

As she makes him kiss her arse whilst the other guy is fucking her you can hear the sounds of her juices flowing out and know this bitch wife is soaking the bed with cum juices and squirting lick fuck every time he pushes his dick deep into this squirter of a wife

Changing positions they force him to lay next to his wife as the guys is fucking his wife but Flower has other ideas as she moves her feet towards him and tells him to lick and suck her toes which clearly brings her off even more as the bull pulls his dick from her just in time to see her gush all over him and force the hubby to clean up all his wife's juices with his tong, before the fucking starts again!!

But even after the bull has finished with her rather let her hubby fuck her she straps a dildo onto her face and the husband is made to fuck her whilst she gushes cums all his face. This video is pure bless and a must for those that love streaming gushing women and wives that dominate their men totally

And thats just one scene !!!

Studio: Streaming Roman Video
Stars: Flower Tucci
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A word of warning if you love seeing women the gush / squirt/ when they cum I've posted some sample videos that are all for streaming below, but these videos show women that squirt and are 100% genuine and not pissing or golden shows these women really do gush cum juices when they cum

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